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What is a Microbrewery?

According to the Brewers Association, a microbrewery produces 15,000 barrels of beer or less each year. This is measured in U.S. beer barrels.

What is a Craft Brewery?

A Craft Brewery is a relatively small and independent brewing operation that uses traditional brewing methods.

What is a regional brewery?

A regional brewery is defined as a brewery that produces from 15,000 to 2 million barrels of beer each year.

What are the standards for an regional craft brewery?

A regional craft brewery either produces all malt beer or has at least 50% of its total beer is all-malt beer or beer that employs adjuncts to enhance the beer’s flavor (instead of to lighten the flavor).

What is a brewpub?

A brewpub is an establishment that sells beer. If the brewpub produces a significant quantity of beer such that it makes significantly more than are consumed on the premises then it is known as a microbrewery.

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What is the American Brewers Association definition of a microbrewery?

According to the American Brewers Association, an establishment is defined as a beer microbrewery if it produces at least 75% more beer than is consumed on the premises.

How many microbreweries are there in the United States?

According to the Association of Brewers, there were 456 beer microbreweries in 2009. There were 1,482 craft breweries in all, including 962 brewpubs.

What is Craft Beer?

A craft beer is, generally speaking, a beer that has been brewed using traditional brewing methods. For example, rather than using corn and rice as adjuncts, and is typically very flavorful compared to non-craft beers. 

The term craft beer refers not to the fact that just a small amount of beer is being brewed (e.g., microbrewery), but instead emphasizes the fact that a different approach is being taken in the brewing process. This distinct approach may be done on either a large or a small scale, and indeed many large breweries, in response to the popularity of beer microbreweries, have begun to make craft beers.

Used mostly in America, the term craft beer has also been widely adapted in New Zealand and Canada. We here at Beer Microbrewery Magazine use the term quite a bit.

Who instituted the rise of craft beers in the United States?

Some popular craft beers that popularized the concept in the United States include Sierra Nevada, Samuel Adams, and Anchor Brewing company. 

Who is America’s biggest Craft Brewery?

The Boston Beer Company is the biggest American craft brewery. They make Samuel Adams beer.

What town has the most microbreweries?

The town with the most microbreweries is Portland in Oregon. Thirty different beer microbreweries were operating in Portland in 2008.

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